Bloomsbury is built on the principles of offering the best quality with the most functional, elegant, high technology and the finest quality products. Istanbul based luxury leather brand was founded by Gizem Yalçın Akan during her master’s degree in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management at Istituto Marangoni in London in 2018. The name of Bloomsbury  was inspired by London’s Bloomsbury district, where the brand was born, at the same time the word of Bloom, which also means a wealth of products, reflects our brand’s aim to stand out with its product range in leather handbags and accessories category. The aim of our brand is to appeal to our target audience with a powerful brand image reflecting a certain lifestyle with its modern, functional and stylish designs in the luxury category which is produced with high quality leather and craftsmanship. In our designs, we prioritize functionality with professional touches aiming to make women’s lives easier, without compromising on elegance and quality.

Bloomsbury adopts the idea of ​ slow fashion in terms of sustainability, indicating that the quality of the product is high and that it can adapt to every period with timeless designs. The most important reason for supporting the idea of ​​slow fashion is to create a sustainable business environment with an environmentally friendly approach. In addition to this, we also take care to reduce the carbon emissions resulting from the domestic production and transportation distance is very short by minimizing the carbon emissions. At the same time, minimalism in our designs, timeless parts and functionality in the foreground with our detailed designs to our customers instead of using multiple accessories to carry a lot of items in a single bag, while bringing elegance and quality without skipping, so that we include our customers in the chain of sustainability.

The first showroom of Bloomsbury was opened in Reşitpaşa / Sarıyer region, which is one of the new development areas of Istanbul and Resitpasa is home to many unique and modern brands. You can go on a timeless journey with our delightful experiences while discovering the colorful world of Bloomsbury in our flagship store.

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